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Trying RUSSIAN and UKRAINIAN FOOD for the First Time!

Abby Promise
Published on 04 May 2022 / In Kids

Steve Cha (Rockstar Eater) continues his European food tour in LA by trying Russian and Ukrainian food for the first time, at Traktir restaurant in West Hollywood (Los Angeles). Traktir specializes in Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, with an attached Russian market that is one of the best you’ll find in Los Angeles. The restaurants serves the best, most authentic Russian foods such as the Porscht, Vareniki, and Olivier Salad!

What is Russian food like? What are some must try Russian foods in a restaurant? Find out in this episode as Steve gives you an overview of traditional Russian and Ukrainian foods, as well as a Russian market tour.

Episode: Trying Russian and Ukrainian Food for the First Time!

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Traktir Russian Cuisine: https://www.traktirla.com/

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