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How To Prepare The Perfect Tooloo Beef Jollof Rice Each Time Using Jasmine Rice | Toloo Beef Jollof

Abby Promise
Published on 06 Jul 2022 / In General

In this video I share with you how to make the best Toloo Beef Jollof Rice, Cured Beef Jollof Rice step by step perfect for beginners using Jasmin Rice. Please Enjoy😘✌🏽❀️

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To Cook Beef
Tooloo Beefi / Cured Beef
1/2 - Medium Onion
Ginger - About 2 thumb sizes
You may use any soile of your choice

To Make Stew
1 1/ - 2 Medium Onions
1 - Spice Blend Cube or tt
1 - Habanero Pepper or tt
1 - 6oz can Tomato paste
10 - Medium Sizes Tomatoes Blended
All Purpose Seasoning or Seasoning of your choice tt
Shrimp Powder - tt (Optional)
Salt - tt
Coconut oil - tt
4cups - Jasmine Rice

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Music By: J Adjetey

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