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Our Privacy Policy

FoodNedy is a customizable online network where authors come together to provide you with online Services and Content. We believe that as an active user of this website, i.e., when you register and sign up, you acknowledge our terms of use and privacy policy. This makes you in agreement with the use of our information, services, and privacy policies which include accessing your personal information. However, we do not intend to invade your privacy; this action is taken to ensure our information and services are in relevance to your assistance as well as in terms of data protection law.

FoodNerdy is a powerful platform to manage and keep your recipes. You do not need any experience in web development; it is very easy to use and customize. It is an association of skilled authors who provide their services by uploading recipes of hundreds of dishes from all over the world.

Children Privacy

We respect the privacy of children under the age of 18 and do not encourage them to register for our services if their parents have granted us consent. This is done to protect the children’s privacy as we do not wish to collect any personal information of a child.

Your information we gain access to
The information we collect about you is categorized as

·Information you provide us with
This includes the very foremost data about you, which you provide us with while registering and signing up for our services.

your name
and email
Your phone number when you wish to fill up a contact form to reach out to us.
your preferred username and password when you register an account to FoodNerdy
Your favorites when you save or like information according to your taste.
When granted permission, we access your location you are operating from through the device location.
·Information we automatically collect about you.
This refers to the technical data FoodNerdy will accumulate for research purposes through our Digital Services. This consists of

Operating system and the digital device used to sign up and log in to the online services (this may include the model and version of the operating system)
Internet Protocol (IP) Address with regarding the demographic area is operated in and other unique device identifiers.

Online activity such as time spent on the website, categories viewed, number of clicks, and browsing history.
Your previously visited and used applications and your clickstream through the apps and on websites.
Your likes, dislikes, saves, and comments on the websites you leave on the recipes.
When you subscribe or follow us on other applications such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, we collect the basic information such that your profile picture, username, date of birth with the help of our service tools.
Information we collect from other sources about you.
Various third parties may outgive your information about you and vice versa. We may collect information about others around you by accessing your data.

When you forward or share information with a fellow friend, we save their email address or whatever medium or app you forward them to/from. You are requested not to provide us with anyone’s information unless you have their consent so as we may use their information for data collection purposes.
We obtain data about you from analytic providers such as Google Analytics and Google Ads.
Other sources such as data aggregators, business databases, and data resellers residing in your geographic area will provide us with your data about your activities to learn more about you.
We may acquire information about your interest and online activities through third-party data sites and apps on your device. These could include your voice-activated assistants (e.g., Siri, Alexa, etc.) and other content distribution channels or any other devices you log in to our account to/from. This data may consist of the content and information you view.
How we process your information
We may use the information we collect about you for multiple reasons. However, it is all to provide you ease and legitimate reasons that fall within our privacy policies.

To assist you with our customer service when needed.
Selecting and coming up with recommendations of your interest for you to make browsing easier for you.
To regulate the log-in and use of any unauthorized devices with the help of IP addresses.
To update our data and ensure its efficient process in our storage systems.
To not spam you when subscribed to our newsletter, we make sure we know your favorites and preferences.
For Marketing purposes
When you get yourself registered to our services, we take it as your consent to our privacy policies. This results in third-party providing similar digital services may contact you according to your interests and likes.
We conclude the data we collect from you in our database to generate marketing campaigns and advertisements, promotions, and offers.
Legitimate reasons
In case of any investigations, we need to go through your personal information to ensure the safety of the use of Digital services and our laws. Professional authorities may question us for your information for legal affairs, and we are obliged to provide them so. Please note that we would not violate your data by sharing it with anyone else.

To maintain statistics
Data is also collected to generate statistic with anonymous visitors to our websites who have not registered or followed us. It includes saving for how long they were on websites, their clickthrough stream, and the number of visits. These users remain anonymous to us, and they are not identified.

Third-party sites and Internet-Based Advertising
We aim to bring you your interest-based promotions and advertisements. For this purpose, we need to keep a record of your Digital activities such as likes, add to favorites, most visited, and more. This is done to generate advertising content according to your preferences. Besides our service providers, third-party sites may also collect your data through their service providers or cookies policy when you are online to promote their online services to you, which might interest you.

Your information is collected both online and offline to accumulate numerous audiences and users to our list for marketing and advertising purposes demographically.

While gathering this data, we inform you through pop-up boxes of our Cookie Policy which involves the process of how and why we may collect your data. You can restrict this data collection exercise by denying the policy. This would result in no advertisements altered of your preferences coming your way when you use the digital services or visit the websites.

We also share your data with other social media applications/platforms we serve on/from to provide you with your preferred advertisements and promotions. This also includes collecting and tracking your online activity on these platforms, which are known to be Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Who we share your personal information with:
We respect your concern for privacy and therefore do not disclose your personal information with anyone without for these purposes.

to other service providers such as customer care
technical support providers
Third-party service providers to keep track of your activity.
Sharing your information internationally
Some companies which own the right to govern and use your information lawfully may require us to send your data we collected. It is possible that this third party may use your information for the above-mentioned purposes. They may happen to be in your demographic area and may have different privacy policies and data regulation rules. However, we promise to stick to our privacy policies.

To be noted, this third-party or company will generally maintain your data integrity to the standard level of the company they are operating from.

Cookies and Privacy Policy
Our service providers collect your data such as digital activity in the form of cookies, scripts, etc., to improve your web browsing experience. This is done to automatically gain and retain your information such as any changes you made in website settings or your preferences. Our Cookies Policy would let you know more about how we use and operate cookies.

Data Security
We are committed to taking all possible precautions to protect your data and keep it secure. Please note that due to the non-restricted or unauthorized traffic on the internet, we cannot assure you of the security of your information or any data you provide.

Data Retention
In our databases, we keep records and information in the aggregation of our users and must keep it for as long as it serves any purpose to us. We can use your information to resolve any cases, inquiries, or any other legitimate affairs under some applicable laws.

Rights served.
We are open to being contacted in case.

You want to change or edit any information of yours we may have provided us with.
You want to restrict our data collection exercises.
If you wish to cut off from our marketing plans or promotional campaigns, which involve e-mail marketing and advertisement.
If you decide to erase your name for sharing your information and data with third parties for marketing purposes.
Nonetheless, in case you change your mind about taking back your consent to our privacy policies, you can contact us and request to erase your data and not further use it for any purposes.

Privacy Policy Update

While we appreciate it if you are careful with your information flow, our privacy policies will be updated from time to time when needed. You will be notified of any changes made in privacy policies as they will be posted on our website.

Licenses Copyrights

With respect to the content published on our website, it is suggested that the two crucial parts of recipes -ingredients and “how to” use the ingredients are not copyrighted. One needs to be careful when creating or publishing their recipes may it be online or in books or any other medium or content that the recipe is not used or copied from elsewhere.

If, in case, the content inspiration is adapted from somewhere, you are suggested to give credits to the existing source to stay off-limits from copyright violation. However, Existing recipes can be used by altering the list of elements, their names, or the procedure itself. There are certain standardized acts you need to follow to own the recipe and “create” It yourself.

If you do not wish to create your own recipe or have not done yet. You can use the existing recipe, given that you acknowledge the source you have adapted it from. This can be done by mentioning the name of the source, which possibly can be a magazine, website, book, or TV. And the year published in. it is well appreciated if the source is tagged on provided the link.

In terms of copyrights and licenses, certain aspects must be taken care of:

The ownership of someone deceased remains on the content they created and is not free to use.
Copyrights from any period are not free to use and must be given attributes.

Anyone caught practicing theft of using one’s material without their consent or providing them attributes should be approached (preferably via email) and asked to add the source or give recognition to the copyright’s owner.