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How To Eat Nigeria's Special Burger!

Abby Promise
Published on 01 May 2022 / In Street Food

Nigeria food has a burger that is not like any other in the world, and our BattaBox presenter Warri Pikin is headed to the streets to take a bite.
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"We have to survive on the street, we go for lesser one we can afford" says Warri Pikin.

Bread and Bean cake aka Akara is one Nigerian food combination on the streets that Nigerians can't get enough of. Although these foods can be combined separately with different meals for different individual preference. However the nutrients in this food combination, makes it undoubtedly one of the most preferred filling Nigerian foods!

BattaBox finds out the best way to prepare and eat the burger, aka Akara and bread, checks out the business side as well, and all the names that Nigerians give to this Nigerian food combo.

Nigerians have interesting names they give to these food combo, ranging from African Burger, Special burger and even local burger. Indeed Nigerians have a way of having fun with their meals regardless of how the food is made and where it is sold.

"Once You have your #250 just buy your bread and Akara". said a young man biting hard into his bread and Akara.


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