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Abby Promise
Published on 04 May 2022 / In Kids

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Food Insight Ukraine - What to eat?

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal”- Paulo Coelho
Ukraine always has been country with tasty food and delicious cuisine. One of the reason is that Ukrainians like to grow a lot of vegetables, cereals, grits and rapeseed. In Soviet Union Ukraine was called as breadbasket of Europe. A lot of time passed, but Ukraine is continued to be exporter of its agricultural production. That`s why Ukraine is one of the top countries in food tourism. Let’s read insights about top Ukrainian dishes.
There are many recipes with pampushkas, salo, garlic. And what about vegetarian borshch with nettle? There are also cabbage, potato, beet, mashed tomatoes, sour cream, carrot and parsley, onion among main components. The middle price for plate of borshch in Ukraine is:
• 5 USD in Kyiv
• 2,4 USD in Lviv
• 2,6 USD in Odessa
• 3,2 USD in Kharkiv
Ukrainian borshch is the most popular in Slavish cuisine.
This course represents traditional Hutsuls (ethnic group in Carpathian) meal and consists of traditional Ukrainian products
• cornmeal,
• sour cream,
• pork rind,
• mushrooms,
• and bryndza.
One of the best cook who made banusz in connection with molecular gastronomy is Yaroslav Artiukh. Michelin Guide included Ukrainian cuisine due to his recipes in its ranking. It means signal for the world that Ukraine is new place on the food map. Banusz middle price is 2,3 USD.
No less popular Ukrainian dish than others, varenyky has more than 100 recipes in Ukraine. This variety guided by diversity of stuffing:
• vegetable
• meat
• sweets
• fish
In Ukraine guests and tourists can taste varenyky with flounder and parsley. This course is served in Odessa in one restaurant of the famous Odessa restaurateur Saveliy Libkin. Middle price is 2,8 USD.
Well known traditional Ukrainian dish and symbol of Ukrainian town-Poltava. The middle price is 2,3 USD. There are chicken tenders and sour cream sauce, duck, rabbit, chicken, pork, stuffed liver, tastes in the style of world cuisine dishes, berry stuffings in the most famous restaurants of Poltava:
• «Lilya» ,
• «Galushka»,
• Galushkova manufacture Komora ,
• Dikanka.
Kapusniak is a dish originally from Zaporizhia, meal was beloved food of Cossacks. The story tells that this dish gives strength and power to men and beauty to women. Main ingredients are
• pork,
• millet,
• fat (salo),
• parsnip.
The best dish is cooked and served in restaurants in Zaporizhia. They are «Korchma», «Cossack yard» and on the territory of Zaporozka Sich. This course can be well-prepared, hearty and fit for your Instagram. The middle price is 2,3 UAH.
This dish every Ukrainian will recognise from thousands of others. Story tells that only components of pechenia will give a lot of energy and defense against diseases. Traditional components of pechenia are:
• beef
• porcini
• potato
Also traditional pechenia is served in low pots which keep warm. The recipe changed through the years, but Ukrainians are also carefully kept their own authenticy. The middle price is 3 USD.
Galychuna is well-known by its desserts. And the best popular is plyatsky. It is cake in the form of rectangle. On the wedding people in Galychuna like to form different shapes in several tiers. No doubt that the most delicious plyatsky is prepared in Lviv. The most popular stuffings are:
• cherry
• apple
• pear
But there are restaurants named Lvivsky Plyatsky in several cities of Ukraine, where everyone also can taste this cake. The middle price is 2,1 USD.
Beer and wine
Traditions of brewing and winemaking in Ukraine are old and magnificent. Historians proved, that in Ukraine brewery was established in 15 century. Evidences of winemaking in Ukraine are dated of 4 century before Christ. The most popular sorts of Ukrainian wine and beer are:
• Villa Krim Chardonnay Sauvignon, Shabo Classic-Rose, Gotnar Gorobchiki-Rose (wine)
• Zagrava, Slavianka, Gaidamatskyi (beer)
Ukrainian cuisine is greasy and hearty. It makes it authentic and traditional. But be sure, that Ukrainian dish and drink make you satiated. What do you also need for happiness?
P.S. Want to taste any of these courses? Join us in a tour «Hungry birds» with master class, main Ukrainian dishes and beer degustation. Any guestions? Write a comment or ask in network.

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