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Ukrainian FOOD which make you CRAZY

Abby Promise
Published on 04 May 2022 / In Kids

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I already make video about nice Ukrainian food which everybody need to try if you will come to Ukraine. Everybody will like this, but it's boring. Let's talk about crazy food which we have. So you can know which kind of things you have to avoid or maybe you are looking for something very special - this is the place.

Salo. This is traditional Ukrainian product which is actually fat of pork. But Ukrainians have special type of pork and special nutrition for them, which make this salo very nice (as per consideration of some people).
Shkvarky. It's continuance of salo, which Ukrainians cut in a very small pieces and fry. Than they add this to any kind of dish as some nations add sauces or oils.
Smalets. Butter from pig's fat. Yes, we don't eat it on top of bread, but Ukrainians use it for frying the thing on it.
Kholodetz. This dish is meat with vegetables in jelly. But not sweet jelly as most of people used to know that. No, it sour jelly taken from boiling pork bones. And this dish is one of he most traditional in Ukrainian table.
Blood sausage. It is pig's blood mixed with buckweat, and intestine. And baked. Many people say it's very tasty.
Have you ever tried this kind of food in Ukraine? Would you like to try? Do you have something similar in your cuisine?

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