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The Untold Story Of How Nigerian/African Hunters Hunt For bushmeat Ep3

Abby Promise
Published on 01 May 2022 / In Street Food

The Untold Story Of How Nigerian/African Hunters Hunt For bushmeat Ep3

I am so sorry I had to remove some beautiful scene from this awesome video due to YouTube policy of violations of animal cruelty.
I was getting view but the video wasn’t monetized.
I think it’s time to get a Patreon account.

This hunting is not for fun or game. They hunt to food and it as been their way of life.
Please don’t hate. Try to watch with a positive view.

Day 2 of the hunting. Let's get started.

There as been a lot of hunting videos online which includes how different people or tribes hunt.
Do you actually know how the Yoruba tribes hunt in West Africa Nigeria? This video will take you back to how bush meat hunting is done and what the hunters goes through while hunting. Maybe hunting is easy or hard, you will find out in this video.

When you read, ear or think about hunting in Africa, don't think it's for the poor alone. Hunting as gone beyond that, it's now a way of life, part of culture, tradition and a way of getting people to come together, leave the city and come to the village to enjoy nature and themselves.

This is the most amazing video I have ever created.

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