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Parasram Dhaba Ka EPIC Khatta Meat, Yakhni Meat, Mutton Kofta aur Raada Chicken. Jammu Food Tour 3

Abby Promise
Published on 01 May 2022 / In Kids

What Up Peeps,

Now this place is the most famous in Jammu and otherwise. They are known for their hardcore mutton dishes especially Khatta Meat. I met the owner who was very welcoming. I did not visit the main branch as the owner said it wont be possible to shoot due to heavy crowd. I ordered for their famous khatta Meat, Meat Kofta, Mutton Yakhni, Mutton Rogan Josh and Raada Chicken. I loved the kitchen and how they were preparing things. This dhaba is a proper highway air conditioned dhaba. I saw the crowd coming in and moving on for their journey. Check out my reaction to this lovely place.

Name: Parasram Dhaba

Address: NH44, Jammu

Location: https://www.google.com/maps/pl....ace/Parasram+Dhaba/@


1. Mutton Rogan Josh Rs. 190

2. Mutton Yakhni Rs. 180

3. Mutton Kofta Rs. 180

4. Chicken Raada Rs. 150

5. Khatta Meat Rs. 180

Phone Number: 9906001617

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