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Nigerian Street Food Tour | Africa's Biggest

Abby Promise
Published on 01 May 2022 / In Street Food

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Nigerian Street Food Tour | Africa's Biggest "Cheapest" Street Food| Crazy Street Life in Lagos is a video where I show you the different street food in Lagos Nigerian street food.

The whole gist on Nigerian street food, is right here in this video

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NIGERIAN STREET FOOD SUYA PREPARATION : To get that nutty, smoky, charred beef which can either be torso, chicken, or beef suya, you need to get your raw meat.
The raw meat is sliced into a thin layer and then salt is smeared on the raw meat. Torso is meat mixed with fat, the oil used to grill the meat does not have anything in it, it's just basically oil. It takes 30mins - 1 hour to prep the raw meat.

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